The diamond is considered the hardest material known to date. And it is in the diversified commodity market, one of the most reliable long-term assets.
Over the past 20 years the prices of diamond topped both the gold and the inflation rate. In real terms, therefore, it acquitted in full its role as a safe haven.
The steady increase in the value of diamonds is also somewhat assured by DeBeers, the South African giant's rough diamond industry, whose power is in fact able to dictate the market. The diamond is then (at least theoretically) immune to any political-economic event, with the highest value and safe in relation to its size, transportable and convertible at any time, anywhere in the world. The investment in diamonds is not speculation, it is certainly more convenient to consider the medium-long term (minimum five years), to cover the cost of purchase and return to the market (resale).
Who makes an investment in diamonds become possessor of a bearer anonymous, easy to keep and to transport, non-perishable, with international prices and therefore salable at any time anywhere in the world.
With a quote that you can easily monitor, in consultation with the specialized sites or turning to the industry. Some financial newspapers reported instead quotations that have nothing to do with the international prices, which are regularly published on the list known as "Rapaport".
In conclusion, five good reasons to invest in diamonds:
Because it is a safe investment for over twenty years he knows no markdowns.
Because it is a profitable investment that creates capital gains annual average of some points above the inflation rate.
Because, increasing the value of principal, is not subject to any taxes.  
Because is a good bearer that, if purchased with an invoice or receipt, is the free movement and perfectly transparent for tax purposes.
And finally, because it allows the investor to remain anonymous
Characteristics of a Diamond as Investment
Denote those which must be, according to us, the characteristics of a stone to be considered as "investment".
The caliber must be minimum of half a carat (0.50), to rise. Carats substantial (1.50 +) provide a higher gain in the medium - long term but have difficulty possible resale.
The stones must be white and pure (DF, IF-VVS).
The stones must be able to cut, proportions and finish EX or VG.
The certificate must be from one of the certification bodies internationally recognized: GIA, HRD, IGI or EGL.
Features less color, purity and cut, however, especially with the carat carats above, do not affect the investment. Stones very white, well and good cutting are for their rarity, more predisposed to larger increases in value over time.
For those who have provided interesting figures, an investment in fancy diamonds is highly recommended. The increase in value of a diamond Fancy Intense Pink between 1 and 2 carat is equal to 891% from October 1995 to October 2013, which means an additional amount equal to 49.5% per year. This high increase in value is due to the rarity of fancy stones and the progressive exhaustion of the mines where they are located.