RESOURCES HEWA S.L. is a young company, which benefits from the experience in the diamond industry. of your founder and sole shareholder.
HEWA ​​RESOURCES SL, was created by "ten years of experience in the African territory, searching for precious stones  in the legal trade in countries like the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Hence the inspiration for the name HEWA, which in Swahili language means Air.
HEWA ​​RESOURCES SL, is also an importer of rough diamonds into the European Community, as recorded in the Register of Kimberly Office Antwerp and the legally authorized mode.
HEWA ​​RESOURCES SL recommends checking the seller  registration in the "special register, before buying a rough diamond.
All our rough diamonds come from legitimate businesses and protected by the Kimberley Process certification.
We also have the service cut diamonds in several European and international laboratories.
Our products are sold with our certificate, which guarantees the authenticity of the product and gives the client security.
If the customer needs a specific certification, an international Gemological Institute (GIA, HRD, IGI, EGL ...), please contact us.
HEWA ​​RESOURCES SL, sells rough diamonds, cut and jewelry in general, also has a certification authority and analysis of diamonds, both for traders than for individuals.