The benefits of buying through Hewa RESOURCES sl, are basically three: lower cost, higher quality and time saving.
1. Lower Cost - Purchasing through Hewa Resources SL, the customer actually purchases the diamond from a company that buys directly into mine diamonds. The final cost to the customer is the wholesale price plus a 10-15%.
2. Higher Quality - HEWA RESOURCES SL, as service day gemology is a qualified expert in defining the characteristics of a diamond and its evaluation.
 HEWA ​​RESOURCES SL, is therefore able to assure the customer, that the stone proposal was properly examined and it has a correct price.
As an expert in the market, Hewa RESOURCES S.L. It is also able to find the stones that best meet customer needs.
3. Save time - When a customer shares his wishes, we identify 3 or 4 diamonds that best match the requirements and propose them to the customer for the final choice. This results in a saving of time and avoids the frustration of trying to compare diamonds come from different suppliers.
And finally a clarification: Hewa Resources, owns its own diamond besides being able to buy on the stock exchange diamonds required by the customer and which HEWA RESOURCES SL He does not have in stock. The task of HEWA RESOURCES SL, is to help the customer to find and to buy at the lowest price the best stones on the market, if they were not in our availability.
If you are considering buying diamonds as an investment or as a safe haven, send us an email to info@hewa-resources.com, We can help you!
(Ct.) Color Purity Quality Fluor. Certif. Price
0:54 D IF EX-VG-EX N IGI € 3,200
0.72 D IF EX-VG-EX N IGI € 5,100
0.90 D IF VG VG-EX-N IGI € 8,800
1:00 G IF EX-EX-EX N IGI € 8,100